Shaving Tips

The Inside Scoop

The Inside Scoop on a Clean Shave

There's a right way and a wrong way to do everything - and that includes shaving. Most men don't know it, but they're actually doing things to harm their skin's appearance. And that's just not a good look. Since we know skin the way we do, follow these instructions to improve your shave - and your skin.


Pre-Shave: Head Start

  • It seems simple enough, but make sure your face is clean before you shave.
  • Soften the hair you want to shave with warm water. This will make the hair stand on end, away from your face and make it easier to shave. Warm water also opens the pores, making it easy for your razor to reach the hair.
  • Always use a fresh blade. A dull blade will actually cut your skin more often than a sharp one.

Shaving: The Right Moves

  • Always shave in the direction your hair grows. Shaving "up" or "against the grain" won't give you a closer shave, but it will change the way your hair grows back increasing the liklihood of razor bumps or razor burn.
  • Use a steady hand and a consistent stroke. Don't press too hard or repeat strokes -this can cause visible irritation.

Post-Shave: Face Off

  • Rinse of the shaving cream completely with cool water and follow up with a couple of splashes of cold water. The cool and cold water closes the pores and makes it difficult for hairs to get inside. This significantly reduces ingrown hairs and irritation and improves the appearance of your skin.
  • Apply Bump Down Razor Bump Treatment - pour a quarter size measure into your palms and rub into your skin using a circular motion for incredibly smooth finish.
Barc Skin Care

The Barc Solution for Smooth Shaves and Bump-Free Skin

All the shaving "do's" and "dont's" won't mean a thing if you're not using the right products to save the skin you shave. Barc's two step system will protect your skin from razor bumps and irritation, and give you the smoothest shave ever.

Cutting Up

Cutting Up

Barc's CUTTING UP is an enriched shaving cream that softens hair to ensure a smoother, better shave. Smoother because it's thicker than most creams and was designed with a built-in beard softener and inufsed with Vitamin E to heal and protect the skin. It works to reduce razor bumps and other irritation while nourishing and soothing your skin. All that's the reason CUTTING UP stands out from the pack.

To get the most out of CUTTING UP apply it to wet skin and wait 30 seconds for it to properly soften your hair. Be sure to shave with the grain of your hair. Rinse off completely with cool water to remove all hair.

Now that you've had the smoothest shaving experience available, follow it up with BUMP DOWN for the full effect.

Bump Down

Bump Down

It's called BUMP DOWN for a reason.

Barc's repair and relief lotion treats and prevents razor bumps and ingrown hairs as well as other skin irritations that can sometimes be down right...well, irritating. Formulated with glycolic acid to mildly exfoliate, BUMP DOWN is also enriched with chamomile extract and glycerin to calm your skin while leaving it fully hydrated. Didn't we tell you we're serious about skin? We've taken care of the science - all you have to do is apply BUMP DOWN to clean, dry skin immediately after shaving and to any affected areas twice daily.