It's called BUMP DOWN for a Reason

Dump Down

Ever wonder how Bump Down works so effectively when other products tend to dry out your skin and produce short term results?

Barc’s repair and relief lotion treats and prevents razor bumps and ingrown hairs as well as other skin irritations that can sometimes be downright….well irritating. We tested our product for years before bringing it to you and that's a key reason for the high performance, long-lasting results of Bump Down. We're perfectionists just like you are - if it didn't work, we wouldn't sell it to you.

Bump Down Razor Bump Treatment is infused with Boswellia Serrata Extract - a potent anti-inflammatory for the skin derived from the bark of a flowering tropical tree that thrives in Africa and India and used for thousands of years in ancient Indian medicine. Combined with the powerful benefits of natural glycolic acid that exfoliates, hydrates, smoothes and stops bumps in their tracks along with high performance Vitamin A and a blend of healing botanicals and anti-bacterials, we have a recipe for success that no other razor irritation product can claim. Almost 10 years on and no- one does it better.

And it's only fair to mention that Bump Down has a growing cult status with women and the spas that provide waxing services on their menus - Barc Bump Down has proved to be the perfect "after wax" treatment. Cools down, soothes and treats irritation right at the source.


There is a right way and a wrong way to do everything.

Cutting Up

Barc’s CUTTING UP is an ultra-rich cream that lathers, foams and softens hair to ensure a smoother, better shave.

It's a smoother shave because CUTTING UP is thicker than most creams and was designed with a built-in beard softener to soothe and heal the skin. So it reduces razor bumps and other visible signs of irritation while nourishing and treating the problem at the source. And it's packaged in a tube - no messy jars to deal with.

A blend of two high performance coconut acids produce the rich foaming lather that softens the skin and starts your shave experience off smoother than you ever thought possible.

The additions of Vitamin E and the deep sea Alteromonus Ferment Extract - a gram negative marine bacteria that acts as a superior anti-inflammatory agent while retaining hydration and repairing the skin's surface make Cutting Up the shave cream of choice.

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